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Personality development based on values WOP ©

(as per Prof. Dr. Böschemeyer)

  • Development and training of the individual; natural abilities
  • Work on potentials and resources
  • Discovering new opportunities and life goals

Conversation based on values

  • A dialog for acquiring new perspectives (so far not even thought of)
  • Impulses for deepening and widening of the personal horizon (so far still not felt; lived)

Imaginations based on values

  • Access to our inner, subconscious world (thinking and feeling)
  • Possibilities of changes (act – transfer into everyday personal)
  • Building resources, applying new solutions, developing new strategies for survival and changing undesired bahaviors


  • The 'theory of types', which distinguishes nine different patterns of personality in their thinking, feeling and behaving
  • Identify your own type and thus promote further development of the personality
  • Dealing with identity (your own and the identity of others)
  • Better understanding of the behavior (your own and the behavior of others)

NLP – Business – Practitioner

NLP Neuro-Linguistic-Programming

  • The nervous system regulates our body functions.
  • Language determines our communication with other people.
  • Programming is the basis at our world view, our circumstances and our experiences.

NLP is the method, that covers communication and neurological processes, reveals patterns and how personal changes can be possible.