Changes - Solutions - Growth

Life and current affairs challenge people and companies to search for new ways and growth to be healthy and successful in the long term. Use "tried and tested" and "newly developed" linking both constructively together.

People are exposed to a complex range of challenges in their professional life. Globalization, 24/7 availabiliy, increased competition, changes in markets, economic- and financial crisis all belong to this range of challenges. Additional burdens arising from the unexpected new life models (single parents, patchwork, singles, commuters).

Stay curious – learn new things. Master fun and delight in the things that you do. These are the essential elements for success and satisfaction.

In this exciting process, I would like to assist you as a neutral and competent partner putting my 30 years of experience in economy and management, in national and international global markets, living and working in foreign countries and widening my experience under a holistic approach to coaching.

Coaching in the German, English, French or Spanish language is possible.


Possible Topics:

  • Competente communication (with customers, employees)
  • Work on objectives
  • Development of a team
  • Coaching and development of leadership
  • Identifying conflicts and confidently resolve
  • Support in change processes (change of leadership or generation)
  • Integration of foreign employees (and their families)
  • Re-Integration of expatriates
  • Provisional management