Master of cognitive neuroscience (aon), Cologne

Coach for Personality Development based on values WOP ©

(as per Prof. Dr. Böschemeyer)

Three-year training at the Hamburger Institut for Existence Analysis and Logotherapy

NLP – Business – Practitioner

Training at the ISNLP, Institut for Systemic NLP, Hamburg

Medical Practitioner for Psychotherapy

State Permission to the practice of medicine in the field of psychotherapy

Business Manager – International Trade and Management

1983 - 2013 worked in senior positions for four prestigious Hamburg-based companies in the agriculture and food industry

Intercultural Competences acquired through:

  • Several years abroad in Madrid and Sao Paulo
  • Business travels throughout Europe, Middle Eastern and exotic countries (Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius, Fiji-Islands, Democratic Republik of the Congo)
  • Languages: fluent in German, English, French, Spanish