for Executives, Employés and Individuals -
coping with established structures and new opportunities.

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Personality Development

Do you want to go a different direction, learn new ways to live out your potencials or just need a change of perspective?

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Stressful stage of life

Gaining new joy in life and vitality -
learning the right way to deal with stress.

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Ute Hachmann

You have so much more potential than you think - Discover your unlimited possibilities and make the most out of your life!

We do everything for a radiant appearance. Our inner self (thoughts, feelings, personality, soul) tends to lack attention. However, the key to change - to let us grow, mature and shine - is found exactly there, inside of us.

My coaching is aimed towards people who are in the middle of their lives. It concerns the multi-faced world of business as well as the time of training, colourful private life or onerous phases in life. I am your partner striving to help you work out your professional and personal solutions with my 30 years experience gained in the world of economics, intercultural coexistences, neuroscientific and psychological background.

Business-Coaching for Executives, Employees and Individuals

Coaching offers a fresh and neutral viewpoint from the outside that helps to build certain perspectives. It enables professional work to established structures and creates space for new opportunities. My Business-Coaching involves a sound accompaniment and advice towards development and change processes, projects and conflict resolution.

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Personality development for Individuals

Do you want to go a new direction, learn new ways how to use your potential or just need a change of perspective? My Personality-Coaching is aimed towards people who have the desire to shape their life and would like to develop further.

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Support in stressful stage of life

Everyone experiences stressful moments in life, because well that's life. What's important is how and in what way we deal with this tension in order to gain new vitality. Also this is a learning process. My companionship throughout these stressful stages in life will provide you with the necessary attention and support you need while processing the situations and gaining a new orientation.

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Ute Hachmann

I look forward to meeting you!

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